Service Packages

Road Check - From £40

Check headset for play
Check bottom bracket for play
Check wheels
(straight & true / no damaged or loose spokes)
Check brake pads for wear
Check the state of any cables
Adjust gears / check if hanger is straight
Check tyres for wear
Pedals - free / no play?

Full Service - £75

Wash/degrease/inspect Check chain wear
Headset (clean/adjust)
Front wheel (bearings/adjust/true/tyres)
Rear wheel (bearings/adjust/true/tyres)
Cassette (clean)
Chain (clean)
Chain set (clean)
Bottom bracket (bearings/adjust)
Derailleur Rear (clean/adjust/straighten hanger)
Derailleur front (clean/adjust)
Pedals (bearings/adjust)
Brake front (inspect/adjust)
Brake rear (inspect/adjust)
Test ride

(Not Including Parts)
(Brake bleeding extra charge)
(suspension servicing extra charge)
(Internal cable routing extra charge)
(parts extra charge)


We stock thousands of parts and accessories that are not listed here on the website.

Feel free to contact us for free friendly advice on - 01570 470 079

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