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Cyclemart is a family owned and run business, established in the 1980's, with combined workshop experience of more than 100 years in the cycle industry.

This experience, combined with an excellent working relationship with our suppliers, means we can bring you a complete sales, and after sales service that is second to none.

Unlike most bike stores today we are not a cramped high street shop with bikes hanging from the ceiling; our purpose built 1800 sq ft showroom is set out to give easy access to all the bikes, clothing and accessories on display.

Our own private car park means ample room for loading and off-loading. There is also space to safely test ride any bike of your choice, and of course, friendly assistance and expert advice is always on hand.

Our History

Cyclemart was Established in 1989 just as the mountain bike arrived, since then Cyclemart has continuously been involved in the local cycling scene.

Through the years we have held and sponsored numerous events from dual slalom eliminators, cross country mtb racing, numerous trials events and demonstrations along with supporting all sorts of charity events.

As popularity for mountain bikes gathered through the 90's, a purpose built dual slalom eliminator track was built on the hill next to the shop. This proved very successful with the local riders and a championship was held for several years.

Ever since the introduction of the Monty trials in the 90's, trials riding has been a big part of the scene around the shop. From bouncing around in the car park on home made obstacles, to doing displays at shows and the local schools right through to the sponsorship of championship riders.

The progression and innovation in the bikes from heavy primitive designs to today's highly engineered custom bikes, has been almost as impressive to behold as the improvement and inventiveness of the skills used by riders today.

The New Era

The most exciting recent introduction to Trials riding has to be the use of electric motors, which now blurs the lines between push bike trials and motorbike trials. The near silent running of the electric trials bikes means a whole new world of possible places to ride, whereas before the noise of a running engine would have attracted undue attention.

Its not only the trials world that is benefiting from the addition of electric power: cycling in general is now seeing one of the largest developments in its history since the introduction of rubber tyres!

The start of electric bikes were conversion kits to give your bike a new lease of life, whereas over the last five years big brands such as Haibike have been designing bikes from the ground up with Electric in mind, with the new crank drive system which gives you power by assisting you when you pedal with a "natural feeling", not only this but it also takes into account the pressure you apply on the pedals and gives you assistance accordingly giving you a sensation of having much stronger legs, and when working with modern batteries and a cleverly designed bike brings a whole new level to biking.

This really is a huge leap for the future of exploration and trail riding.

Not only do these new bikes benefit experienced riders, due to the choice of power assist levels we are positive that they will change many peoples lives, for example we ourselves have seen many people who gave up biking a long time ago due to personal reasons get back out there and start enjoying themselves again...

No customer has been left unsatisfied.

We truly believe that electric power is a big part of the future of cycling and its here to stay...


We stock thousands of parts and accessories that are not listed here on the website.

Feel free to contact us for free friendly advice on - 01570 470 079

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