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Haibike XDuro S.E.S Pulley Wheel (SES)

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This is the factory original Haibike SES Pulley wheel, kit includes pulley, bearing & circlip. For all Haibike xDuro Full Suspension eBikes.

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This special plastic seal protects from dirt and ingress into the main drive bearing on all Bosch Performance, Active Line and Performance CX drive units....
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This is the Bosch speed sensor magnet, it attaches to the rear wheel so the speed sensor cable can read the wheel rotation from it. Commonly bought as an...
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This is the factory original Haibike OEM 16t Sprocket, machined out of one piece with bash ring in place. To fit all Haibike xDuro Bosch eBikes 2014 onwards.
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Here we have the upgraded Bosch eBike bash ring. This combines to screw in place of the standard lock ring. Giving added bash protection to your front...
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This is the factory original Haibike Gen2 Bosch Performance S.E.S Pulley plastic chain guide featured on all Gen2 Haibike Full Suspension eBikes 2014 onwards.
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This is the factory original rear wheel axle used in all Haibike XDuro / SDuro electric bikes using a through axle on the rear wheel (not quick release).

This is the bolt that secures the Haibike Pulley Wheel to the main pivot axle.
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FEATURES EX1 offers 14-, 16- and 18-tooth sprockets for Bosch motors Proven SRAM technologies adapted for the demands of midship-motor E-MTBs
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Haibike 16T X-Sync Sprocket - Plus Size - Bosch
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