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Spare Parts

This is a replacement speed sensor cable for the Bosch motor drive unit. It connects to the motor via the standard connector plug.
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This is the Bosch speed sensor magnet, it attaches to the rear wheel so the speed sensor cable can read the wheel rotation from it. Commonly bought as an...
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Speed 9 Material Heat Treated Alloy Steel Links 126 Inner Plate Solid Outer Plate Solid Pin Solid Finish Nickel Plated Weight 350 grams / 12.3 ounces

More Information B rands Box Components Size 11 - 50T Teeth 11-50T Speed 9 Speed Colour Black Discipline MTB...

Tri-Pack Limited Slip Clutch™ The Tri-Pack limited slip clutch™ is an innovative chain damper that vastly reduces derailleur cage bounce and chain slap....

With improved ergonomics and fast controls, Box Two™ Twin Lever Shifters provide smooth and accurate transitions from gear to gear. One gear per shift...

BT-E6010 STEPS battery, 418Wh, frame down tube mount, grey

BT-E8010 STEPS battery, 500Wh, frame down tube mount, black

BT-E8014 STEPS battery, 418Wh, frame down tube mount, black

BT-E8020 STEPS battery, 500Wh, frame integrated down tube mount, black

BT-E8035, STEPS battery, 504 Wh, frame down tube intergrated mount, black

FEATURES Narrow wide tooth design 104mm BCD 4 bolt pattern Available in 30t, 32t, 34t & 36t Available colours Black, Red & Blue Compatible with 10 &...
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