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Haibike - The Crank - OEM Replacement for 2020+ Haibikes, however will fit any other square taper or Isis spline. If you're current cranks use the OEM...
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These are the factory original alloy crank arms used on all square taper drive Yamaha sDuro Haibike electric bikes. We will check that your model has square...
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This is the 400 Wh Yamaha Power Pack Battery. It can be used as a direct replacement for any yamaha e-bike, or as a spare to extend the life of your...

Yamaha eBike Speed Sensor Cable 500mm - To fit hardtail yamaha powered bikes

Haibike Yamaha SDURO Spider

This is the OEM Yamaha wheel magnet that comes as standard on Haibike sDuro electric bikes to pass by the speed sensor on the rear wheel.

The original Yamaha cap for motor screws on the Yamaha mid-range engine in color matching the design of your own e-bike. Choose the right color for your...

This is the OEM Yamaha LCD Display bracket that comes on Haibike SDURO electric bikes. Includes handlebar bracket, button controls & rubber mounts. The...
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This is the larger capacity 500 Wh Yamaha Power Pack Battery. This is suitable as a direct replacement for any of our Yamaha eBikes or can be used as a...
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Haibike Yamaha SDURO Spider Lock Nut, Fits all SDURO models 2015 onwards.

Sideswitch Display Type A LCD Spare parts for ebike - Installation kit to be mounted on the left side - Including adapter cable - Compatible with...

This is used to charge the batteries on the Yamaha eBike systems. Often purchased as a spare to leave at work or to extend your range.
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